students and music teacher bowing after a great concert

Congratulations to our talented Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classes on their amazing performance of "BugZ!"  

On Thursday April 28th, our students performed for one of the first in-person Elementary performances since COVID began.  Our students performed to a full house: there were so many people, we had to add more chairs!  Our 1st students performed 5 different songs from the concert "BugZ", and our Kindergarten class sang 3 songs about being on a farm.  

Mr. Schoolland said, 

"Boy, am I thankful to be able to have regular music programs again! Great job Kindergarten and First Graders, and thank you everyone for coming out to support our music program!"

You can watch the live-stream recording here:

A huge thank you to Mr. Schoolland for working so hard to put this concert on with his students, and to Phoenix and David Nelson for setting up and live streaming the performance.  Thank you to the teachers (Mrs. Adams, Mr. Mike, and Mrs. Hudson) for working on the music with your students in class, and to the families who came to see the performance!