students and teacher at beach collecting algae

On Monday, Mr. Ian Hudson's classes took trips to the beach to collect samples of algae and looking at the different types of macro-algae on the beach. In class, Ian demonstrated that algae is green under the surface due to its chlorophyll production, and when put it in hot water the pigment "melts", leaving you with green algae.

Last Friday, a group of students travelled to Ketchikan to visit the OceansAlaska facility in Saxman, one of two oyster hatcheries in the state. OceansAlaska had just hosted an oyster aquaculture internship program, so MHS students met with oyster aquaculture professionals that showed them all about spawning and growing oysters in a hatchery. Students also calculated biomass densities of micro-algae and oyster larva, and identified and pressed kelp samples.

📸: Ian Hudson & Faison Bergtold