students scuba diving

Recently, our MHS Scuba Class took a trip to learn about different scuba-related careers and practice their diving skills! In Ketchikan, they met with Greg Harrison, a local diver who gave them a tour of his boat, had a valve lesson at the Wind and Water dive shop, and practiced their free diving skills at the rec center. They also went to UAS for a presentation about working at aquariums as a diver with Dr. Charmaine Lewis.

They next traveled to POW and toured a grassroots kelp farm dove in Naukati Bay. While they were there, Cruz L. was certified! After returning to Ketchikan, the students did one last dive with Dr. Lewis at Refuge Cove.

Thank you to our Scuba Instructors Mark McCarty and Taw Lindsey for putting together a great trip, and to Ali Parise for chaperoning and taking photos!

students near boatstudent and adult with diving maskstudents scuba divingstudents diving