MHS Students posting with their awards for academic excellence

Congratulations to all of our MHS students who received awards for the 1st Semester and NWEA MAP Testing! 

Students and staff gathered January 27th to receive awards for NWEA Maps Testing, Honor Roll, the Principal's List, and Student of the Quarter.  

The award for Student of the Quarter went to Amelia Miller!

Congratulations to all of our MHS students on their academic excellence! 

The following students received a certificate of excellence for NWEA Maps Testing:

Freshman Class:

Sitka Atkinson- Math 

Jackson Benson- Math

Tori Bevis- Math & Reading

Brody Booth- Math & Reading

Kendall Booth- Reading & Science

Aurora Chalmers- Reading

Lexi Cook- Math

Aleesia Eagle Speaker- Math

William Hayward- Reading

Athena Jordan- Science

Tricia Lindsey Math & Science

Carter Marsden- Reading

Daniel Martin- Reading

Shannon McCarty- Math & Science

Jylliam McKeehan- Math & Reading

Troy Russel- Math & Science


Kaylen Williams- Math

Sophomore Class:

Bethany Bevis- Math

Ryley Booth- Math

Sarai Buffalo- Math

Conner Casimiro- Math & Reading

Kennedy Cook- Math, Reading, & Science

Sam Hoff- Math

Caden Howell- Science

Benjamin Jametski- Reading

Shayden Ladier- Reading

Noah Leask- Science

Isaac Nelson- Reading

Miles Nelson- Math & Reading

Rose Peratrovich- Math & Reading

Mason Rolando- Math & Science

Jake Russell- Math

Madison Smith- Math

Mykeah White- Math & Science

Simon Williams- Math & Reading

Junior Class:

Giovanni Arroyo- Math

Pyper Booth- Reading

Jayden Buhler- Math

Gabriel Buxton- Reading

Harvey Galles-Booth- Reading

Cameron Gaube- Math

Chloe Guthrie- Reading

Zakary Janes- Math

Brett Kaleikau-Buxton- Reading

Alysia Nelson-Boyd- Math

The following students received an Honor Roll award:

Micheal Bethel 4.00

Justin Sanford 3.43

Jackson Benson 3.33

Harvey Galles-Booth 3.33

Athena Jordan 3.33 

Noah Leask 3.33 

Mason Nelson 3.33

Mykeah White 3.33

Scarlett Eaton 3.29

Dylan Nelson 3.2

Ava Peratrovich 3.2

Madison Smith 3.2

Shayne Anderson 3.17

Ashton McKeehan 3.17

Alysia Nelson-Boyd 3.17 

Rose Peratrovich 3.17

Jayden Buhler 3.14

Shannon McCarty 3.14

Isaac Nelson 3.14

Allison Booth 3.00

Brody Booth 3.00

Kendall Booth 3.00

Zakary Janes 3.00

Carter Marsden 3.00

Kalleigh Miller 3.00

Mason Rolando 3.00

The following students received an award for being on the Principal's List: 

Micheal Bethel 4.00

Ryley Booth 4.00

Kohyn Broncheau 4.00

Lexi Cook 4.00

Alicia Feak-Lent 4.00

Cameron Gaube 4.00

Mercedes Leask 4.00

Amelia Miller 4.00

James Williams 4.00

Tricia Lindsey 3.86

Chloe Guthrie 3.83

Pyper Booth 3.67

Sarai Buffalo 3.67

Bree Chavez 3.67

Kennedy Cook 3.67

Randi Schleusner 3.67

Alexia Eagle Speaker 3.5

Dylan Hudson 3.5

Trinity Jackson Jr. 3.5

Solomon Martinez 3.5

Canren Roelfs 3.5