students and staff in gym standing in large circle with their arms up

Yesterday, our 6th-12th grade students attended our Growing Leaders Kick Off Assembly!

We started our assembly singing and dancing organized with Timlaanit and Git Susitama with the purpose of recognizing the recent past where this was not allowed to happen in hopes of providing space for healing.  Mrs. Hudson and Mr. Nigus introduced the Growing Leader Program and how it could positively influence our students as they navigate life.  Ms. Leask shared the cultural connection to the Ts'msyen Ayaawx and Mrs. Martinez showed the student workbooks and the Stars that students would start to discover and gain confidence in their own character attributes. 

Please follow up with your students as we start our first lesson from Growing Leaders "The Golden Buddha"- click this link to see the parent letter for the first lesson:

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Mike Nigus Shannon Hudson Chelsea Martinez Naomi Leask

We love partnering with you and your student!