A graphic of the Lorax with skittles in the background "Math With The Lorax" Skittles Estimate Winners

Day 2 of Dr. Seuss Spirit Week's Math With The Lorax was a success!

There were 727 Skittles in the jar!  Here are the winners for todays estimation challenge: 

Mrs. McCarty AM- Jake
Mrs McCarty PM- Jocko
Mrs. Hamilton- Haylee
Kindergarten- Jayce
1st Grade Mr. Mike- Carolyn
1st Grade Mrs. Adams- Ariana
2nd Grade Mrs. Cook- Anthony & Julie
3rd Grade Mr. Stemp- Sylvia, Asher, Paisley
3rd Grade Mrs. Henry- Troy & Ebba
4th Grade Ms. Garza- Haiden
4th/5th Grade Ms. Pike- Sariah
5th Grade Mr. Donaldson- Bentley

Congratulations to all of our winners!  Here are some fun pictures from "Pajama Day":