Mrs. Cook's class in front of the Richard Johnson elementary sign with their trash bags as they head out to pick up garbage!

Mrs. Cook's 2nd Grade Class enjoyed a day outside picking up trash on the bike trail!  According to Ms. Cook:

We have been working on learning our Ts'msyen Ayaawk (laws) for being a kind and respectful human being. We have started Mindfulness Mondays where we go and be participants in Nature to help build positive connections to the natural world. My students all noticed the trash on our last walk to the bike trail to do our deep listening activity. They chose to practice Łooda txanii goo (respect all things) by taking care of our land! 
DeMarcus Nelson said, "It felt good cleaning up and saving nature!"
I'm so proud of my kind, respectful, and intelligent SMART COOKIES! 

Thank you to Mrs. Cook and her students for your hard work and practicing Łooda txanii goo!