students preparing p'atsaah (algae) with teacher on the beach
students stand in front of  a hen house, one holding a bucket of eggs
students sit outside on a bench with teachers in the sunshine
Students competing in NYO event stick pull in a gym surrounded by onlookers
Students and Teachers standing in front of a truck filled with kayaks
Student showing off his kick during Native Youth Olympics practice
Mr. Stemp and two students show off their tutus and ties for 2-22-22
MHS Students posting with their awards for academic excellence
Flyer featuring Christina Garza as one of the guest speakers at We Rise Together, a group of Alaskan educators who meet monthly.
Chiefs 2021 basketball team and coaches stand on their home court.
Richard Johnson Elementary Lugwaanti'ism Lawwks Christmas Program, on a red background with snowflakes
Chad Bentz. former MLB player, telling his inspirational story to RJ Elementary students.
basketball in net
CLMS & MHS Christmas Concert
Tain & Clifton in front of the Totem Pole they created on the cover of Scholastic News
Amelia & Alicia showing laptops with their Gates Scholarship update
Clifton Guthrie and the 40' Canoe with Tsimshian art painted by AISD Students