students in a large xsoo canoe
Students sitting on a rock at the beach
man holds up native drum with students around him
Student in scuba gear giving a thumbs up in the water
Students dancing at prom
students performing a concert
students with arms in the air performing a concert
student and teacher working on a bentwood box in class
students and music teacher bowing after a great concert
Mrs. Henry posing behind the table of desserts for her birthday
student and teacher on kayaks checking water depth at the kelp farm
students and teachers smiling holding up yellow garbage bags on earth day
students preparing p'atsaah (algae) with teacher on the beach
students stand in front of  a hen house, one holding a bucket of eggs
students sit outside on a bench with teachers in the sunshine
Students competing in NYO event stick pull in a gym surrounded by onlookers
Students and Teachers standing in front of a truck filled with kayaks
Student showing off his kick during Native Youth Olympics practice
Mr. Stemp and two students show off their tutus and ties for 2-22-22
MHS Students posting with their awards for academic excellence